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PhpBB3 BBCodes is a friendly Community mainly for supporting and demonstrating my mods.
There is support for all the mods in the forum index.

The old BBCode site is archived and all forums are locked but there is still read access.
There is no support in that section. But you can take a tour in the forums and download some of the PhpBB3 modifications, snippets or bbcodes.
We currently have a total of 439 BBCodes in our database.

May 2024 i decided to get PhpBB3 BBCodes online again.
I was behind on several updates, outdated extensions and a lousy server.
Anyway, we are one new server. All extensions outdated and causing errors. Thats fixed, mostly by disabling extensions, but I have a few up and running.
But since my retired brain need to be challenged, I have decided to try phpBB again.
My knowledge is kind of outdated. You are free to use anything you might like. But bear in mind that I'm a newbie, again :D
Let's have some fun!

My extensions for phpBB 3.3.X

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